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Points and Reward

Welcome to SomaSuper store points and rewards.

In order to appreciate our loyal customers, we establish the SomaSuper Store reward Program.

Who Can Participate?

This Program is open to everyone that has an account with SomaSuper Store, if you have not created an account, you may not be able to participate in the reward program

How to Participate

To participate, simply search for a product of your choice, and once your order is completed (Note: you will be required to create an account while completing your order). You will be automatically assigned reward points, which you can add to your next purchase total.

Your points entitle you to discounts, depending on the value of your reward points

Reward points Values

Rewards points are evaluated at $1 per 100 points, I.e you get a discount of $1 for every 100 points applied to your cart total

Type of Points

SignUp Points: you get 50 points for signing up.

Purchase Points: You receive 4 points for every currency spent on SomaSuper Store

VIP Reward

Once you get an accumulated point total of 7,000 you are upgraded to our VIP membership, which currently offers you a 15% discount on all products purchased for the next 7 weeks. (except products that are on sale)

We are also working on additional benefits to reward our VIP members, and to show our appreciation for their dedication.

Thanks for Shopping with SomaSuper Store

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