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About SomaSuper Store

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‘SomaSuper Store’ is established by a young student “Oyedoyin Philip” with the help of a few friends, who are passionate about Fashion.

Since 2017 we’ve worked together, sorting out parts of our riddle to make a special collection of Trendy fashions in vogue around the world. Particularly in Europe and The United States.

We make our selections by what people are wearing most at a particular period, and group them by fashion types “think Vintage, Chic, Casual”. Then compete on who can afford the most of the expensive items in our collection. 🙂

But soon, we decided to turn our passion into a business – And thus the birth of SomaSuper Store. Currently, we are a group of 3 youngsters, passionately working together to bring you the best quality of everything your body needs at the best price. “We aren’t promising cheap ;(“.

The word “Soma” is the Greek word for “Body”. And since we are creating a super collection of everything relating to the body, we name our store – SomaSuper Store.

Working with directional small local brands based on craftsmanship, and quality. We’ve cautiously curated an accumulation of menswear, womenswear, trendy cosmetics and beauty products, and essential health and fitness utilities – Everything to make you feel awesome!

Everything has been by and by hand-sourced by us. We just ever pick pieces to be a piece of the SomaSuper family since we really adore them, would wear or use them ourselves, and would be glad to have them in our home.

Supporting little, autonomous organizations like us is the core of SomaSuper Store ethos. We trust you appreciate perusing through our mindfully thought-about range and on the off chance that you are consistently using Facebook or Instagram, do follow us – @somasuperstore.

Features of Our Products

  • Vogue and Trendy
  • Classy
  • Durable
  • Original Quality
  • FDI Approved Health Utilities
  • Locally made or Outsourced in the US
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